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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello November

It's pretty splendid, barring the first frost, and the cold I caught thanks to it. Just in time for Halloween candy to taste like copper.

Let's just call Workshop Wednesday a wash until this coming Wednesday. Sometimes, schedules just gotta be flexible.

I watched Part One of Death Comes to Pemberley last night. Part Two airs tonight on PBS at nine, here on the east coast, if you want to catch it. Sometimes, when you're home sick, you stumble across something worth watching. I never get to watch TV anymore, so it was a treat. I love the idea of catching up with the Pride and Prejudice characters several years in the future, plus the murder mystery twist for added spice. And all things BBC are gold.

Also, it's been a really great week to be a Marvel fan. They released their lineup for the next five years. And tonight, there's this gem.

Looking forward to warm dinner and more Austen awesomeness. Writing until then. Hello, November, let's not rush through things too quickly like last month, okay?

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