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Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Gems

It's a good day when I hit my word count goal before noon. That means anything I get done in the evening is bonus progress. The scenes I finished this morning were the kind that surprise me while writing, taking turns I didn't expect. Proving yet again that the characters are steering this ship, and I'm just along for the ride, taking notes for them.

Writing is fun - I love it - but let's be honest: when you write as much as I do, you have days when it feels like drudgery. One of my favorite ways to keep things fresh is to build intrigue into the characters. The characters have to be interesting and multi-dimensional if I'm going to spend that much time with them, day in, day out. I love unexpected traits, little hidden gems. Mercy loving to read is an important tidbit for me as a writer. It gives him texture, and it helps bind him closer to Ava on a personal level. I love these shelves, and this window frame, the old wall clock. The room looks something like I imagine his living room in the apartment above the bakery.

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