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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lines 11/20 - Fearless Part IV

It's really hard to pick lines out that aren't chock full of spoilers from this section! Release date for Part IV is Dec. 19th, so less than a month to go.

From Fearless

Part IV: Follow You Home
Copyright © 2014 by Lauren Gilley

           Ava wasn’t like that. Ava was rational, gathered, self-possessed. Ava was responsible in ways he himself had never been at that age. Not meek – no, her cooperation could never be called that – but secure enough to not be so filled up with questions and rebellion.
            Yeah, Ava should have been born a boy – the true prince.
            And he shouldn’t have sent her knight away five years ago. He’d always wanted a king for her, someone she could rule beside. But it was the knight who was devoted, who was in her thrall and would die defending her.
            He lived and he learned, and wasn’t that a shitty way for things to play out?

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