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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gorgeous Weekend

I don't figure there's too many of those left before we get into another four-degree, bare-limbed, miserable winter, so I better enjoy them while I can. I spent lots of time outside with this goober today.

Viktor being a diva

Viktor helping plant pansies

That's a foam cup on his head in the top picture, held on with medical tape, to help train his ears. They're still a little stubborn, but he thinks the cup is super chic, obviously, because he strikes poses like he's modeling for a dog food ad.

I took him for a walk down our very rural street today. It's a lovely walk, with new, thick pavement and lots of shade trees, very few houses, the smell of tree sap everywhere. It was the first time Viktor's been on a street walk, and I wasn't prepared for the amount of pulling he'd do, even with the choke chain. Oh my Lord. I am not in good enough shape to keep up with this dog. The muscle cramps...ouch.

Gonna have some vino and work on Fearless while I wait for my calves to stop twitching. Hopefully you got to enjoy this awesome autumn weather too.

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