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Lauren Gilley was (mostly) raised in a barn, where her attention to detail led her to the sport of dressage. She earned a degree in Business Management, but her true calling has always been fiction-writing. She writes Literary Fiction which is sometimes mistaken for romance, and is passionate about elegant, evocative prose, and complex character development. When she's not crafting novels, she's mucking stalls...and thinking about novels. She lives in the South.

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I write in third person limited perspective, POV changing ONLY during a scene break, never within a scene or a paragraph, despite some confusion as to that point. I like pretty prose and detailed descriptions. Rich stories take time to unfold, and I write novels for readers who want to settle in deep with a book. If you're looking for trendy style, you've come to the wrong place. All of my novels are character-driven literary fiction which contain some adult content and strong language. These are character studies, with an emphasis placed on character development and carefully-crafted narrative, without adherence to standard romance formulas. I'm all about the atypical.

You've been warned...


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  1. Hello,
    I'm from Brazil... I got to know about you and Fearless in Goodreads...
    Fearless was just perfect! I love the way you write. The stories are rich and deep.The women are strong and fearless...You can get lost in the book..
    I love Dartmoor series and I can't wait for Tango and Candy! I'll try The Russells while waiting for Tango...
    I just want thank you for writing great books!