Thursday, December 18, 2014

Countdown Day 7 - Merry Christmas!

I was hoping I'd be able to do this - as I shared on FB last night, Part IV is live! My readers have been the best, and I wanted to release the final Fearless installment a day or two before the date, as a way to say "thank you" for all the support. Merry Christmas and please do enjoy. Get your copy right here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Countdown Day 6 - Official Summary

Just two more days, guys! Here's the official cover and synopsis. I thought it would be best-served if it was short and sweet. This quarter of the story is for sure a "you have to read it and see" installment.

Part IV of IV of the first novel of the Dartmoor Series.

In the swamps of New Orleans, Ava will finally meet the demons Mercy has carried within him the past fourteen years. An old enemy stalks them through the gator-infested waters of Mercy’s home, and their only protection lies in the love and trust of one another. Fearless comes to its thrilling conclusion in this fourth and final installment.

Lauren will be hosting two giveaways in January, so readers can enter for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of the complete novel. Keep up to date with all the new releases and inside scoop on Lauren’s blog:, on her Twitter feed: @lauren_gilley, or her Facebook page: Lauren Gilley – Author.   Or contact her at

Be on the lookout for Book II in the Dartmoor Series, Price of Angels, expected Spring 2015.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Countdown Day 5 - Up Ahead

It's probably not the moment to start looking up ahead, with Part IV coming out in just a few more days. But that's how I work. Once the writing is done on one story, I slide into the next. It's one long narrative, broken only by necessity.

There are a few loose ends as Fearless closes, and they're intentionally loose, all the better to bridge the gap into the next book, Price of Angels. I've talked about it a little, here and there, because I'm excited to break ground on it. There's a stronger country influence in this book, as opposed to the New Orleans twist of Fearless. This song, "Guinevere," is one of my big inspirations. It feels like Holly's song, special just for her. If you haven't heard much by the Eli Young Band, I can't recommend them enough.

It's my goal to release Price of Angels in its entirety in March. I'll share updates as I go along. I'm going to try to write like the wind. Like with Fearless, I'm deeply attached to the characters, and the story is begging to be written. Here's hoping.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Countdown Day 4 - The Home Stretch

Thank you, everyone who took advantage of the 99cent deals on the Russells this weekend. I hope you enjoyed them. God Love Her was one of my favorite projects, and Sly may be my favorite male lead to write (though Mercy sure gives him a run for his money).

Well, it's Monday, which means just a few short days 'til Friday and Part IV. We're coming into the home stretch.

One of my favorite aesthetic touches in this installment is the cottage. I love the idea of cooking on an old wood-burning stove.

I'm nuts about old Victorian furniture, like the green velvet sofa.

It was really important to  me that, in keeping with the Lean Dogs' culture, Mercy and Ava's accommodations be modest and more than a little tattered. I want always to emphasize the humble ordinariness of their lives, their means. It's who they are that's important, not what they are. An important idea that I want to carry forward, as I begin work on Michael and Holly's story.

Just four days to go!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Countdown Day 3

Yesterday, Sly and Layla's story, God Love Her, was 99cents for Day 2, and today, Keeping Bad Company, the third Russell volume, is 99cents. One day only; get it here. KBC is Mercy's first book appearance. He and Walsh travel to Georgia to help the Alpharetta chapter deal with a threat that leads them all the way to London.

I have a bad habit of writing a character in as a small accessory, and then needing to take that character to the main stage, and centering a book around him or her. I was so glad to "meet" Mercy, as it were. Maggie and Ava were old friends of mine, characters from several years past who I missed terribly, and Mercy was the missing link I needed to bring Ava and Maggie to life in a book. After him, the rest of the boys fell into the place. So I have quite the soft spot for Merc's cameo in this book.

Also 99 cents (and free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited), "Things That Go Bang In the Night," a Sly and Layla-central Russell short story to bridge the gap between the two books.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Countdown Day 2

Day 2 of the Countdown to Part IV. Today, one day only, you can download God Love Her for 99cents. This is book 2 of the Russell Series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. Sly and Layla have a cameo in Part IV (maybe future Dartmoor books, who knows), and God Love Her is their story. Click here to find it on Amazon.

Tomorrow, for Day 3, the third Russell volume, Keeping Bad Company, will be 99cents for one day only. KBC features the Georgia chapter of the Lean Dogs, with cameos from Mercy and Walsh, plus a visit to London, the original mother chapter.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Let The Countdown Begin

Yesterday afternoon I typed the very last line of Fearless. The final note of both Part IV, and the novel as a whole. Oh, how bittersweet. This has been my most favorite project, my most favorite love story, with Ava and Mercy. It's hard to say farewell to them, even if it's only a brief goodbye. The second I finished, I knew I just wanted to write more and more stories, for all of these characters. I can't wait to dive into Price of Angels. Walsh and Aidan are for sure getting their own books. I want to stay close to Ava and Mercy. And I want Maggie and Ghost to have not just a short story, but an entire book, all to themselves. I have a problem, y'all. I'm really attached.

But for right now, it's all about Fearless, and today marks the beginning of the final week. Here goes the countdown: one week until the release of Part IV on the 19th. (Unless, of course, I can get my act together, work a little Christmas magic, and treat you all a few days early!)

I'm kicking off Day One of the countdown with this song, this song, and this song. "Rooster" will make more sense when you read Part IV.

Tomorrow, for Day Two, for one day only, God Love Her will be 99cents for Kindle, for anyone who wants to meet Sly and Layla before they have their little cameo in Part IV.

Thank you, wonderful readers, for making this such a fun book launch. I'm thrilled to be able to share the final chapter with you :)