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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twas the Night Before Halloween

I love Halloween. Love it. I'm so obsessed with the aesthetics of all things in life, and the whole cobweb/raven/crumbling mansion/ black candle vibe of Halloween is something I cherish. This year, though, for some reason, I just haven't gotten into the spirit of things. October flew. Like the page just ripped off the calendar and it's November and how the heck did that happen?

I did get a chance to play photog this morning on my walk with Viktor. I love this month and I strive to capture its colors every year. Took these pics this morning:

It's my goal to make up for yesterday's missed Workshop Wednesday today sometime. Will probably happen during my evening writing block. I've got to make the most of this morning for Fearless.

Just a couple reminders:

- Fearless Part III: All-American Monsters is slated for release second week of November.

- You can click on "Email me when there are new releases my Lauren Gilley" on the right side of my Amazon page to be notified when Part III becomes available for download.

- While you're waiting, don't forget there's nine other novels and two short stories to check out. I think Fearless fans would most enjoy God Love Her. Sly and Layla's story is one of my favorites.

Happy Thursday

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