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Monday, October 27, 2014

Lines 10/27 - Fearless Part III

Lines again today. I'm working away; regular blogging tomorrow.


From Fearless
Part III: All-American Monsters
Copyright © 2014 by Lauren Gilley

           “Where are you off to?” Maggie asked, cheerfully.

            “Ronnie’s. I’m spending the night.” She glanced up, to check for a reaction, shaking her overnight bag for emphasis.

            Maggie nodded as she stirred her white cream sauce, taking it all in stride. “Take this.” She slid a brown paper lunch sack down the counter toward her with her elbow.

            Ava picked it up and unfolded the top, saw the gauze, tape, syringes and ointment inside.

            “You know,” Maggie said with another sideways grin. “In case Ronnie comes down with a bad case of gunshot wound.”

            Ava felt her mouth tug at the corners, a reluctant smile.

            “Tell him I said ‘hi.’ ”

            “I’m leaving.”

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