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Friday, October 3, 2014

On the Horizon

I feel a little like I'm playing a never-ending Scrabble game at the moment. For the last few weeks, I've been slapping words down. I want to take a step back for a sec and line up the tiles in front of me, see what needs to be put down next.

A few future things:

Fearless Part II: Crossing Lines is coming within the next week or two. Almost up to 250 pages at this point, pre-editing. This section concentrates on the "Five Years Ago" part of the novel, an important set of occurrences that needed hashing out in full. Lots of drama and sex and such. I'm letting my mom read it as I go - she always gets first dibs on reading before it goes off to editing, and she offered up that Mercy was - wide eyes - "badass." I'm psyched to turn it loose. I'll be announcing it on FB, Twitter, and here the moment it's ready.

Fearless Part III: All-American Monsters will be released sometime closer to Christmas, depending on how much writing time I have. I think there's been a little confusion about the book, that it's all written and I'm just chopping it up for fun. Rest assured, I WISH it was written. I won't do this publishing-as-I-go thing again. Price of Angels will be written in full beforehand.

"Green Like the Water": Another Russell short story set after the events of Keeping Bad Company is due out in December. I loved writing the first oneshot, and wanted to do another one.

My Amazon page got a little facelift. Very streamlined.

Have a great weekend. You know what I'll be doing.

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