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Saturday, October 18, 2014

What a Week

Viktor pretty much sums it up with this picture. What a week. Markus has been sick; an auto-immune response triggered a mass production of lymphatic fluid in his left hind leg, and the swelling was just obscene. It's a condition called lymphangitis, one I've treated before, so thankfully, it was nothing new, just created lots of worry in me about my poor biggest boy. He's a senior horse now, and this was his worst flare-up of the chronic condition yet. Thankfully, he's feeling better today, after being on the meds a few days. He's so difficult about taking them, I have to disguise his antibiotics in molasses and inject his steroid with an intramuscular shot. I'm so thankful he's on the road to recovery and feeling more like himself.

I'm not sure I've ever told my Markus story, how he came to me. I'll have to do that soon, one afternoon when I'm not knee-deep in knives, literally and figuratively. I asked my dad if he had a knife I could photograph, and he proceeded to produce almost a dozen of them for me to choose from. My dad the weapons consultant! I'm working on the "All-American Monsters" cover, as well as that overall final Fearless cover. That one's a bit of an art project. Can't wait to share it.

So, Saturday night - I'm thinking staying in with wine, Cheetos, and Shakespeare sounds like a brilliant plan. Y'all go party for me. I'm recouping.

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