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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Things

It is cooooold here this morning! And I don't like it. Winter needs to GTFO already.

It's sort of a restless day waiting on the plumber to come fix the leaky water line running between well and house, so here's a list of random stuff:

- I've got a story that's going to be published in the March issue of The Opening Line, a fantasy follow-up to "Cold Again" titled "Vainglory." I'll post links when it's available for download. So yay for that!

- I'm currently reading The Photograph by Virginia Ellis. I'm only four chapters in, but it's got me good and interested. Review to follow later.

- The Cobb Library is holding a book sale at Jim R. Miller Park March 7 - 9. Lots of cheap secondhand books! I'm going. Even dorkier - I'm excited about going. I'd love to find a copy of The Hobbit. How do I not have one of my own? Ugh.

- I got a really lovely, personal review for God Love Her and it energized my thoughts about another installment. We'll see. The ebook is regularly priced now, at $3.99.

Tomorrow, I'm cooking...sort of. So look for another recipe post. It's my mom's birthday Saturday and I want to make something new and yummy.

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