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Friday, February 14, 2014

God Love Her

As it turned out, despite more than a half-inch of ice, I was only without power for about an hour yesterday morning. Big props go to Carroll EMC. And a big eye roll to me jumping the gun and releasing the book early. That's the thing, though - if you don't prepare for the worst, it's sure to happen.

But now it's Friday, and it's "officially" release day! I'm excited to share this novel, and I hope readers are excited to read it. Though it's technically the second in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. You won't be lost if you haven't read Made for Breaking. I've got all the links below, so have a happy Valentine's Day and please do enjoy.

From the back cover:
When her parents divorced, Layla Russell went to LA with her mother, and her little brother Johnny stayed behind with their father. In the eighteen years since, she's tried to maintain a relationship with the other half of her family in Georgia, but a real closeness is lacking...and when she gets the call that her dad has been shot and left for dead, the guilt is crushing. She should have spent more time with him; should have made the trip more often. She catches the first flight to Atlanta; Mark's surgery was a success, but he won't wake up, and the doctors aren't optimistic.
 Layla quickly realizes that this shooting wasn't random, and that her uncle, her cousin, her brother, and the rest of the "family" are launching their own investigation. Her uncle's Business Security Solutions doesn't work strictly within the law, and neither does the powerful enemy they're chasing. The more deeply entrenched she becomes in the case, the more dangerous she realizes it is...and the more intrigued she becomes by her father's friend Sly. He's made her a promise to keep her safe, but how can she trust a court-martialed car thief turned mechanic? How can she afford not to?

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