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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Release Week - A Look at Cartersville

Atlanta is a commuter city. Everyone drives everywhere, and it's common to live in the 'burbs and drive into the city for work. It's the South, after all, and elements of farm and field still persist. In Made for Breaking, the Russells left a posh life in Alpharetta for the old family home in the country. King Customs and most of Ray's businesses are still in Alpharetta, but the house is an old antebellum throwback in the heart of one of my favorite spots: the rural, small-town city of Cartersville.


The views are what always get me when I make the drive up to have the truck worked on. The mountains framing the horizon; the deep cow pastures ribboned with shimmering creeks; the sheer-faced blasted cliffs that tower above the railroad tracks. It's where the John Deere dealership is. It's where Ladd's Farm Supply is. To enter the city is to leave behind the frat boy/sorority girl frivolity of Kennesaw and Marietta and go back in time.
Business may take the Russells all throughout the northern part of the state, but Cartersville is home.

Car show downtown

Teeny Tiny 4 Way Lunch
source: georgiacartersville,com
Etowah Indian mounds. If you live in Georgia, you've taken a school field trip here. Really gorgeous.
The dam at Etowah River on Lake Allatoona
Isn't it pretty? It's such a pastoral city, dotted with cows, studded with old barns. It's the perfect place for the Russell crew to dig in roots.

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