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Monday, February 10, 2014

Aesthetic Things

Wow, it's been five days since the last post. I feel like a slacker. I'll admit: finalizing all the details about God Love Her and getting it ready to roll out has lifted a huge weight and I enjoyed a little away-from-the-web time. But it's Monday, and I've got a new book coming out! Let's gear up for that, shall we?

All pics courtesy of Pinterest. Click on them to find the original source.
"Layla had blurry childhood memories of Lisa’s hand against hers, their fingers laced, tall grass slapping at their knees, the high light sound of their giggled laughter. They’d been friends once, a long time ago."

~God Love Her, page 28
"Lisa stayed in the shower until the water turned cold. Then she shivered as the cool spray hit her back, watching the water lap around her ankles and spiral down the porcelain basin of the old claw foot tub before it ventured to the drain. Her hand arrested above the knob as she reached for the tap. The shower, behind the familiar white curtain, with the smell of her coconut body wash, was a safe place."

~God Love Her, page 289

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