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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Countdown Day 6 - Official Summary

Just two more days, guys! Here's the official cover and synopsis. I thought it would be best-served if it was short and sweet. This quarter of the story is for sure a "you have to read it and see" installment.

Part IV of IV of the first novel of the Dartmoor Series.

In the swamps of New Orleans, Ava will finally meet the demons Mercy has carried within him the past fourteen years. An old enemy stalks them through the gator-infested waters of Mercy’s home, and their only protection lies in the love and trust of one another. Fearless comes to its thrilling conclusion in this fourth and final installment.

Lauren will be hosting two giveaways in January, so readers can enter for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of the complete novel. Keep up to date with all the new releases and inside scoop on Lauren’s blog:, on her Twitter feed: @lauren_gilley, or her Facebook page: Lauren Gilley – Author.   Or contact her at

Be on the lookout for Book II in the Dartmoor Series, Price of Angels, expected Spring 2015.


  1. I have been lucky enough to read Part IV and it is fantastic!! Can't get enough of those two. What a nice early Christmas present. Can't wait for the next book!

  2. I am about halfway through Part IV. I'm trying to read it slowly because I don't want it to end! I just love Mercy and Ava and their dynamic.

    Also, am I the only one that would like to see Tango get his own Dartmoor book? For some reason I got really attached to that character over the course of Fearless. (Which is really a tribute to your ability to develop characters who are interesting and endearing even when they are not the main focus of the story.)

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! You're not the first to ask about Tango. It's looking like I need to give him his own book. He's a sweetie; I have a soft spot for him, and I'm glad others do too :)