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Monday, December 15, 2014

Countdown Day 4 - The Home Stretch

Thank you, everyone who took advantage of the 99cent deals on the Russells this weekend. I hope you enjoyed them. God Love Her was one of my favorite projects, and Sly may be my favorite male lead to write (though Mercy sure gives him a run for his money).

Well, it's Monday, which means just a few short days 'til Friday and Part IV. We're coming into the home stretch.

One of my favorite aesthetic touches in this installment is the cottage. I love the idea of cooking on an old wood-burning stove.

I'm nuts about old Victorian furniture, like the green velvet sofa.

It was really important to  me that, in keeping with the Lean Dogs' culture, Mercy and Ava's accommodations be modest and more than a little tattered. I want always to emphasize the humble ordinariness of their lives, their means. It's who they are that's important, not what they are. An important idea that I want to carry forward, as I begin work on Michael and Holly's story.

Just four days to go!

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