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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Sunset Album

I have such a thing for sunsets. And living in the country for the last eight years has revealed to me that there's a big difference between suburban and city skies, and wide-open country skies. Sunsets are engulfing out here in the sticks. I can rarely resist snapping a photo most nights, and then boring the life out of my blog/Twitter/FB followers with them.

I shared these two photos on FB the other night...

...and one of my friends suggested I make a book of sunset photos. I'd love to some day be a talented enough photographer to do that. But for now, too busy to dedicate the time to the craft that it deserves, I decided to share an informal album of some of my favorite sunsets. Some I've shared on the blog before, some I haven't.

I feed the horses dinner around sunset most nights, and as I walk around the barn, there's the sun, doing its thing. I take my sunset photos from this spot in front of the barn, on my smartphone.

And these are the results.

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