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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Countdown Day 3

Yesterday, Sly and Layla's story, God Love Her, was 99cents for Day 2, and today, Keeping Bad Company, the third Russell volume, is 99cents. One day only; get it here. KBC is Mercy's first book appearance. He and Walsh travel to Georgia to help the Alpharetta chapter deal with a threat that leads them all the way to London.

I have a bad habit of writing a character in as a small accessory, and then needing to take that character to the main stage, and centering a book around him or her. I was so glad to "meet" Mercy, as it were. Maggie and Ava were old friends of mine, characters from several years past who I missed terribly, and Mercy was the missing link I needed to bring Ava and Maggie to life in a book. After him, the rest of the boys fell into the place. So I have quite the soft spot for Merc's cameo in this book.

Also 99 cents (and free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited), "Things That Go Bang In the Night," a Sly and Layla-central Russell short story to bridge the gap between the two books.

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