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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Giveaway

Okay, I'm a little put out with Goodreads. I've been waiting all week for my Goodreads giveaway to be approved, so I can announce both Fearless giveaways, and they're taking their sweet time. So, since who knows when that will get sorted, let's go ahead and kick off the other giveaway.

What: Giving away three signed paperback copies of Fearless, shipping to anywhere.

When: Enter anytime between now, and March 2nd.

How: 3 ways. You can enter the giveaway by
1) Messaging me on my author Facebook page. Just say "I want to enter the giveaway" and I will send you a confirmation message and put you on the list.

2)Tweeting me at @lauren_gilley. Tell me you want to enter the giveaway. Confirmation Tweet will follow, and I'll put you on the list.

3) Emailing me at, telling me you want to enter. I will send confirmation and add you to the list.

On March 3rd, I will draw the names randomly from a hat to see who wins, and will then contact winners via their method of entry, as well as announcing on my blog and FB.

1) Must be willing to provide some sort of physical address at which mail can be sent, so you can receive your winnings.

2) Must enter before midnight on March 2nd.

When the Goodreads giveaway becomes available, I will announce it also. But really, this is the one I'm excited about. On Goodreads, I'll have entrants who've never read me or heard of me, and while that's great - expanding readership - it doesn't give back to the awesome readers who've been following along from the start. I'm so excited about sharing a few of these chunky, honking books with you, so good luck! Contact me with any questions you may have.


  1. Is the giveaway only for US reades?

    1. No, it's for anyone anywhere. The Goodreads giveaway is only for US residents, sorry to say, but the social media giveaway is open for all countries. Just have to have a valid mailing address of some sort where I can send it :) You can enter on Twitter, Facebook, or email me at