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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book Rec

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman was this month's book club pick, and though I procrastinated, I'm so glad I managed to squeeze some reading time in for this.

British and Irish literature are my preference, when compared to contemporary American authors, and I was hoping that would extend to this Aussie novel - and it did. A fast read, Oceans balances a streamlined prose with moments of poetic spark as Stedman describes the craggy Australian coast. A lovely blend of detail and simple, impactful sentences.

Set after WWI, the central characters of Tom and Isabel reflect the pure-hearted goodness of that time period; genuine emotions, and a toughness sorely lacking in the world of today. Tom is stoic, gentle, and impossible not to love, Isabel his bright, spunky opposite. Their story is both sweet and tragic. This is a sad, sad read, but well worth the time. I love the deep-rooted appreciation of the simple, the necessary, and the wild beauty of nature, that reminds me so much of the British Romantics.

Wonderful book for a rainy day, though you might have to have something lighter and happier on stand-by once you're done, so you don't mope the rest of the day.

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