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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dream of You for 99cents

I decided to make it a Walker weekend, and today, the second installment in the series is only 99cents. Dream of You picks up right where Keep You left off, featuring a Tam and Jo-centric secondary story, as they move deeper into their marriage, and a main story starring Jo's "twin" Jordan, and the student he falls for.

I won't lie: Jordan is my favorite Walker. Partly because he's just him, but partly because I'm in love with the idea of a non-traditional leading man in a romance. Skinny, curly-haired, slightly geeky, Jordan is the anti-beefcake, and his Ellie the anti-vixen.

If you enjoyed Keep You, I think you'll like Dream of You, as the family grows and expands. Get it right here.

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