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Monday, September 1, 2014


Who can believe it's September already? This morning marked the beginning of my obnoxious Season of Unrepentant Sunrise Photography. I know my Facebook friends grow weary of waking up to sunrise shots each day. But I just can't stop taking pictures. That's how you become a better photographer - take and take and take and take.

This was my favorite shot of the morning. I love the way the golden light softens the jagged edges of the pecan tree leaves. I adore this tree. It's riddled with woodpecker holes. With the exception of the live oaks, there's not many trees more Southern than pecans.

I love how Viktor wandered into the shot and I didn't even notice until later.

I love the dew on the grass and the crystalline spiderwebs between the tall stalks.

Authors never really take a vacation - there's no getting away from your thoughts - so I'll be spending the next few hours working. This September arrives with it's fair share of busyness and stress - a good kind of stress. It's good to be busy and have things to do.

A quick reminder that Keeping Bad Company comes out Friday September 12. Just a couple more weeks! I'm excited about this one because it's a crossover between the Russell Series and Fearless. You can grab it now for 99cents on Amazon.

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

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