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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Long and Short of It

I love the grass this time of year. The bowing stalks, sleek and polished beneath the sun as they ripple on in wave after wave, with their frothy seed-tops catching the light, weightless as errant feathers. It's one of the small glories of fall. The sound - can you close your eyes and hear the rustling? The way it slaps against the horses' legs as they run?

I know I've talked a time or two about how invigorating this time of year is - creatively, and boy, is that a good thing. Fearless is my first shot at a novel in installments. There's parts of this plan that I love, and parts that I don't.

Love - It's fulfilling to write in relatively contained segments like this. I feel like I make more progress; an illusion, yes, but it makes me feel more productive and that's good for morale.

Love - I can get the book to readers faster! This is a massive project, and had I waited until the entire thing was complete, it might have been March before it was ready to unveil. Some people may not like reading in segments, but I figure that's better than not reading at all, right? And it's so much more enjoyable to edit these installments than the entire project all at once. Talk about brain burnout.

Don't love - the whole novel isn't available yet! I hate that, I really do. I wish I could sneeze it out and post it up right this moment. But these things take time, and the more time spent, the better the final product.

Fearless Part II: Crossing Lines, is going to be longer than part one; it's a nice meaty chunk of story. And it won't be too much longer! I appreciate the patience of my readers so much, because this is a story that I love telling.

The second I have a date, I'll announce it. Promise! I can tell you that the plan is to have four parts. "Lying Down With Dogs," "Crossing Lines," "All-American Monsters," and "Follow You Home." Now I've gotta go jump back in the swing of things. Happy Sunday.

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