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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Threads for the Outlaw Gals

For Ava
I'm not real big into fashion. As my frayed purple tank top could attest to if you could see me now. My barn boots would also like to chime in and add that they are super-not-cute. In case you were wondering. But for some reason, I love dressing my characters; so much more fun than dressing myself. And while style isn't anywhere near the most important aspect of a character, I decided to show some of my outlaw girls' pin picks. Lest anyone worried Maggie and Ava were walking around in leather bustier-and-stiletto getups, rest assured, they don't need their clothes to tell the world around them that they're not to be messed with :)


Ava is, admittedly, sloppy-chic. I always see her in dark colors, lots of layers, simple, basic mix-and-match pieces. Staples include a leather jacket - for function and looks - and low-heeled, comfy boots or skateboard sneakers.


Maggie is sunnier, happier, and likes her prints and florals, while still believing that basic and classic are best.

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