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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two-Layer Ice Cream Pie

I promised this recipe two days ago, but I realized I needed to taste it first! I don't want to post stuff that tastes like dirt. Thankfully, it was a big hit. And I thought it was quite yummy to. Just goes to show, sometimes things you concoct in your head can turn out well.

This is a super easy recipe. To start, you need a good old fashioned glass pie plate and a package of some kind of sandwich cookies. I'd use Oreos if you can, but the gluten-free alternative works great too.

Drop your cookies in the food processor and pulse them until they're in crumbs. Not too fine - you still want some chunks in there. Then, pour them into the base of your pan, press them down, and work them up the sides as high as you can.

Then, pop the pan in the freezer for 20 minutes or so.

When you take the crust out, it's time for the first ice cream layer. Your ice cream needs to be good and melty, so make sure it's been sitting out for at least a half hour, maybe more. Haagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter was layer one. Spoon the gloopy, melted ice cream into the center of the crust, trying to keep the layer a consistent thickness. I used about three-quarters of a pint.

Put back in the freezer. 20-30 minutes.

Next, drizzle on some melted chocolate sundae topping. I used milk chocolate fudge sauce.

Put back in freezer 20-30 minutes.

Then comes the fun part. Spoon a pint of melted vanilla ice cream into a bowl. Add to it four Reese's cups and one Butterfinger bar, chopped into bite-sized pieces. *Note - the Butterfinger is pervasive. If you prefer, use half or a quarter of the bar to cut back on the taste. Or you can leave it out. But it's delicious, so there's no need to.* Fold candy bits into ice cream and work the mixture with the spoon until the ice cream is liquid. The more melted, the better. Pour the liquid ice cream mix onto the top of the other layers. It should run out to reach the sides of the pan and completely cover the other layers.

Back in the freezer, 30 minutes.

Almost done - remove from freezer and spoon on Cool Whip. Use the spoon to make the peaks pretty. Garnish with chocolate chips, or cocoa powder.

Put back in the freezer and let sit overnight - it'll be ready to serve the next day.

And that's eat. Super easy. No baking involved. Guaranteed to please.

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