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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy Saturday

There's this old wives' tale - actually, it's probably an old cowboy tale - that if you have snow on the ground in winter, the spring grass will come in really rich. Wisdom from my farrier. Here's the thing about country farrier wisdom - it always proves true. Both my minis, who did so beautifully last year, are already foot-sore, so off the grass they go. The grass isn't even in, just little tender baby shoots poking up. And already, it's potent. We had three snows this winter, two of which sat on the ground for days. Poor minis, stuck in their dirt lot with a flake of hay.

Every so often, a rainy Saturday morning is nice. Quiet, restful. I don't feel so great today, so before I head off to a birthday party, I'm going to be reading, updating my writing playlist, and hopefully getting some more work done on Keeping Bad Company. I know I'm probably not supposed to be, but I'm getting pretty excited about this book. It's turning out to be lots of fun to write, and hopefully that means it'll be lots of fun to read.

Reminder that the Goodreads giveaway of God Love Her is still running - and will be through April 25. You can enter on the sidebar; I'm psyched to have so many entrants so far. And Made for Breaking is still just 99cents to download.

Okay, not-so-subtle advertising over. Have a lovely Saturday, everyone.

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