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Monday, March 31, 2014

Back In

I sat down at the computer this morning, opened up my book file, and the first sentence I typed - I kid you not, every word was either misspelled, or didn't fit the sentence. All of it was completely wrong. Great way to start the day. This is why we don't have a glass of wine on a Sunday night.

I'm starting to feel the pressure to get KBC completed. Written, at least. Editing and formatting aren't taxing. But I'd love to get it written because, as this weekend reminded me, we're going into the spring/summer season, and that means most of my weekends will be spent on the lawnmower or tractor. Plus, it'll be gorgeous and warm, and sitting in front of the computer will lose some of its charm. So full steam ahead on getting this one finished; then maybe I can have a little time to get that life people are so worried I don't have.

Yesterday turned out beautiful. Mucho progress was made on the veggie garden and its non-pre-fab rose arbor.

My doggie shadow managed to work his way into almost every picture. If he could climb a tree to photobomb me, he would.


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