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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Saturday

Last weekend it was the daffodils, this weekend it's the pears.

I love my pears. Even if they smell a little fish-like. They are spring and sun and happiness. The sight of them always kicks off a season of outdoor work. You know what, though, I'll trade slaving in the sun over being iced in any day of the week.

These are the vegetable planter boxes - made of untreated wood because pressure-treated boards will leach toxins into the soil - that are the base for the potage garden. I couldn't take a single picture without Sophie photo-bombing.

This weekend the gate is going up on the picket fence. 

Thursday night I had such a fun time at book club sharing Keep You. It's been (holy crap!) a year and a half since its release and I loved the chance to revisit that first story with a new audience, and the feedback was wonderful, thoughtful, and detailed. It was the energizing boost that I needed. So today, I'm updating my in-store pamphlets and promotional material, in addition to working on my current works in progress.

Apparently, this isn't going to be a restful weekend, and that's a relief after being a big ball of sick last week! Bring it.

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