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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reminiscing Week - Half My Blood

First Line:
Blood has been one of the primary flavors of my life.

Pages: 212

Publication date: June 16, 2015

My favorite things about the book:
I really enjoyed having the chance to write this one. I love when my favorite authors release extra tidbits, deleted scenes, or whole novellas, because I can't spend enough time with the characters I love. So it was fun to play out this little storyline for the true fans who wanted a little extra.

From the moment Dee flung that accusation at Mercy in her bedroom, about Remy and Evelyn O'Donnell, Colin went from this shapeless shadow in the background to a character I really wanted to introduce, and this novella gave me the chance to do that.
I also love comparing and contrasting it with the other half-sibling relationship in the story. Writing about those sorts of familiar relationship will always be my favorite aspect of the craft.

Things you might not know:
Colin's appearance and Aidan's accident were originally supposed to be a part of The Skeleton King, but it became clear that was too many storylines for one book.

Favorite Scene(s):
The Ava/Colin conversation just before Aidan and then Mercy come rushing in.

Michael and Holly having lunch together at work, because I love writing the soft moments.

Favorite Line(s):
He was wrong about one thing, though,” she added, quietly, and Colin’s head snatched around. “Mercy would never have made that decision. He would never have gone along with that plan. He would have killed them all.”
            A humorless snort flared Colin’s sharp, Lécuyer nostrils. “He could have tried.”
            “No. He would have. That’s the thing you don’t know about your brother.” A little shiver stole across her skin. Not fear, not revulsion, but something very much like excitement. “He’s capable of anything. The deepest love, and the darkest violence. He doesn’t try things. He does them.”

Last Line:
She smiled.


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