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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Skeleton King, Launching in Hiram

So glad I got to spend the evening with Felipe, Martha, Karen, Candy, Valery, Adelynn, Suz, Reanell, Jessica, Gail (and Kandace peeking out back there!)
In the South, we do Thank You Notes. Grits, sweet tea, and Thank Yous. So you'll have to please forgive me that I'm a little late in getting this posted, but consider this my formal Thank You, to the wonderful family and friends who came out to Hiram Bookstore on Friday to help me celebrate the launch of The Skeleton King.
When you write a book, especially a book series, your characters and their adventures become a part of your own daily narrative. In a literal sense, you woke up, ate breakfast, and sat down at your desk. But you also orchestrated a tense breakfast meeting between an MC president and an English drug lord. You stopped in for a visit with Walsh, to glean some monotone wisdom. You sat in on Sam's Shakespeare class; fixed bikes with Mercy; called Aidan an idiot under your breath. The fictional happenings in your book world become these dominant, very real events in your mind. But they aren't anything you can discuss over dinner.
Well, Friday I had the unbelievably exciting chance to meet some of my awesome readers in person, and I'm so thankful for the chance to talk books with them face to face. I'm also thankful they drove all this way to see little ol' me! I still can't believe it! An author simply doesn't have a career without readers, and mine are pretty darn fantastic. Sending you all virtual hugs today.
I also have to thank my family and friends, for being supportive of my crazy writing habit. I love you - thank you for everything!
And a big Thank You to Hiram Bookstore. Bryan and Patty are wonderful and I've loved working with them. They'll be selling the books next Thursday at the JLCM Sustainer Luncheon, where I'll hopefully not embarrass myself too badly as guest speaker.
Will it be annoying if I say "Thank You" one more time? Too bad. Thank you, everyone. I had a lovely launch party, and I hope everyone who came did as well.

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