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Monday, September 14, 2015

Almost There...

Let the countdown to midnight begin! We're just about fourteen hours away from The Skeleton King going live and making its way to your Kindles (preorder here). So...are you ready? Here's everything you need to know before diving in:

- Specs: 106k words, 372 pages, book 3 of ??

- This is NOT a standalone. I repeat: not a standalone. Ongoing and interwoven storylines give this series a unique saga feel, and that's just too fun to pass up.

- Walsh is a brains-over-brawn, thoughtful sort of romantic lead, so don't hold that too strongly against him.

- The next book on the roster is Aidan's, and this book sets it up. TSk ushers in a whole new level of drama and threat for the club, and kicks off some exciting stuff.

- Friday is my launch party at Hiram Bookstore, and on Facebook. So be sure to head over to my author page Friday to enter to win a signed paperback copy of TSK and a tote full of Dartmoor swag.

- Tomorrow I'll put up an "Ask the Author" thread on FB, so you can hit me up with any questions about the book or series as a whole.

A big THANK YOU to everyone for your patience! I can't wait to share Walsh's story with you, and am already elbow-deep in writing the next adventure.

Happy Reading.

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