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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gathering Thoughts

Any time I give any sort of public talk, I always begin the event by reminding everyone that I'm a writer, and not a public speaker. It lowers their expectations, that way. So when I come to a screeching verbal halt and get Bambi-eyed, they can lean over to one another and whisper, "She's a writer, remember. Writers are strange folks."
But in all seriousness, having to sit down and gather your thoughts about your career, your voice, your process, and your approach to art can be a very helpful thing. Most of the time, I'm running off pure impulse and subconscious. It's a theatrical trailer and a play program in my head, with my muse saying, "Sit down, darling, and let me handle this." So when I put a presentation together, it's a bit of a revelation, and it's fun to dissect everything and package it up in coherent paragraphs.
In prep for next Thursday's evening event, I'm finding that, as usual, I have very little to say about myself, but a lot to say about art. I've now got pages and pages of notes that are inspiring all sorts of Workshop Wednesday posts. This process has reenergized me; talking about the importance of prose, and the revival of classic themes - it makes me want to write, and write. I'm so looking forward to an evening of talking shop.
Quick reminder that the JLCM Sustainer event has changed time and venues.

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