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Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Housekeeping

Happy Friday, all. Had a few notes for the day.

Genre Clarification

This month's Romance Writers Report contains an interesting article that made the distinction between erotica and erotic romance.
Interesting for me because it reinforces what I say about my Dartmoor books. They aren't erotica, erotic romance, or even romance, for that matter. Fearless and Price of Angels have new genre classifications on Amazon, for ease of search. Now, you can find the books under Literary Fiction, and Fiction Sagas.
Less Computer Time
I'm deep in the writing zone as we speak, working to get Half My Blood finished, but overall, I need to spend less time at my desk, thanks to my neck, and will be finding creative ways to write. I'm always reachable on Facebook and Twitter if you ever have questions.
Half My Blood
Supposed to release 6/16. Preorder here. I cannot stress enough that this is NOT a single-couple romance, DOES NOT contain a stand-alone adventure that wraps up neatly. This novella is intended as a supplement to the first two installments of the series.
The Skeleton King
Will be a full-length novel. More details will be released when we get close to the eventual release date.

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