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Monday, June 1, 2015

Music Monday 6/1

"Crystal Ball" - P!nk is the Music Monday track. I love her voice on this one, and the lyrics are hitting me just right today.
A new month, one that feels like the official start of summer. Also my birth month. I'm going to be one more dreadful step closer to 30. Ugh. It doesn't help that I can feel the years; the last couple of weeks have been tough pain-wise. And what's resulted, now that HMB is finished and I have some time to think, is a period of reflection. I've taken a good hard look at my body of work, thought about my future as an artist, where I want to go from here. 

My two weeks of ice-pack-reflection were two weeks of self-affirmation. I have had some things I've wanted to work on for years now, and I've put them off, and told myself I had to make sure the timing was right. What timing? I'm never on-trend, so why worry about that now?
You know, the funny thing about Fearless - the title was never about Ava, or Mercy, or any of it. It was about taking artistic leaps. I'm feeling ready for another one.

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