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Monday, June 29, 2015

Music Monday, Chatting About Walsh and Other Stuff

Be warned, this is sort of a dump post. Lots to say, without the patience or time to space it out properly.

This weekend, there was the cutest little pavilion a short walk up from the restaurant where I had dinner, and the band was really good! Lots of blues covers, mainly B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, with one great cover of "Voo Doo Child" thrown in. Hard to go wrong. And the hour spent listening struck me on a couple of levels.

For starters, Walsh is a blues man, a total convert to the Tennessee culture. So my mind went to him, and his story, and the series as a whole.

Secondly, I became more deeply aware of a parallel. Here was this small band, playing their hearts out - quite well - in a small town on a Saturday night, dreaming of bigger things, thankful for the applause they had in the moment. Not so different from the indie author struggle. No agent, no crew, no staff, no publicist singing your praises - just you and your work, hanging out in the wind, pouring your heart into your art and bowing deeply in thanks for the praise that comes your way.

Dartmoor has felt heavy lately. It's a very involved series, and it takes a lot out of me. I've been in a subdued headspace, not wanting to blog, Tweet, etc., not feeling too excited by the prospect of beginning another full-length, in-depth novel. Sitting and listening to songs that I love - songs that, in my mind, Walsh loves - was good for me. It smoothed away some of those jagged edges of discontent.

The thing about Walsh is - he's my favorite kind of character. Not sure if you've noticed, but I really don't enjoy the whole "alpha male" stereotypical stud. I like writing the quiet, thoughtful guys, the ones who think more than they say. Most of the fun of Walsh's story is digging up his past, learning his interesting family history, and watching someone practical and effective do what he does best. His story is important to me, and it was difficult to work on it because in my mind, I was already hearing the backlash. But that was a mistake. Those who like the series will hopefully like it; all I can do is write the story in the way that it comes to me, hone it, edit it, and believe in it.

I'm currently hooked on this song. And aside from feeding my pop addiction, it reiterates the way I'm feeling right now. This is my house. I want everyone to feel welcome, but if they hate it here, then they don't have to stay. I will make no apologies.


  1. I love everything you have written. Please don't worry about our reaction, just write what you feel and we will happily go where you take us.

    1. Thank you so much; that's very kind :) I let my self-consciousness get the better of me sometimes.