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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pre-Order Day

Good morning! Today kicks off pre-orders for the Dartmoor novella Half My Blood, and I'm really excited about this one. The release date is June 16th. You can pre-order it right here.


It’s summer in Knoxville, and if the outlaw crew at Dartmoor Inc. thought they were getting a respite from the drama…they were kidding themselves.

Almost a year ago, Mercy’s dying mother claimed he had a half-brother, sired by the beloved father he’d always thought infallible, raised by another man as his own. He’s been in denial ever since, but when Colin O’Donnell arrives, it’s time to face facts. Turns out his family isn’t lost – he only wishes this member of it was.

Holly McCall is determined to prove her worth to the other old ladies – Maggie, specifically. She never dreamed of a life like this, and as she searches for self-worth and acceptance, she is wrapped step-by-step in the gentlest love of the fiercest man.

For Aidan and Tango, this summer is a season for realizations. For waking to a vision of the future. And for drowning in the past.

In this Dartmoor Series novella, readers will spend time with the entire club, meet new voices, and fall deeper into the world of the Lean Dogs MC. Not a stand-alone romance, Half My Blood balances several central storylines with delicacy and passion. Brimming with emotion, spotlighting secondary characters, Dartmoor fans won’t want to miss this bridge between novels two and three in the series. Book three, The Skeleton King, releases September 2015. 

Amazon Giveaway:

Today also kicks off an Amazon giveaway of Fearless. I'm giving away two paperback copies in a quick flash giveaway.

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