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Friday, May 15, 2015

Teaser 5/15 - #HalfMyBlood

Half My Blood
© 2015 by Lauren Gilley          
“He was wrong about one thing, though,” she added, quietly, and Colin’s head snatched around, dark eyes drilling against her face. “Mercy would never have made that decision. He would never have gone along with that plan. He would have killed them all.”

            A humorless snort flared Colin’s sharp, Lécuyer nostrils. “He could have tried.”

            “No. He would have. That’s the thing you don’t know about your brother.” A little shiver stole across her skin. Not fear, not revulsion, but something very much like excitement. “He’s capable of anything. The deepest love, and the darkest violence. He doesn’t try things. He does them.”

            He gave her a long, level stare. “You’re a spooky chick, you know that?”

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