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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Gardening

Last year for Mother's Day, my mom asked for a potager vegetable garden.  Cute, yes, but the raised beds would allow for good soil - it's nothing but rocks and red clay out here - and the picket fence would keep the dog from hiking his leg all over the herbs. Well, since my family is DIY-or-nothing, life got in the way and it's taken a full year to get the garden all complete. It's still not finished - there's still planting to do - but it's all ready for plants now.

I switched off the computer and spent some quality outdoors time helping this weekend, and it was just what my brain needed. I've been feeling a little harried and stressed lately, and getting away from the written page was a healthy distraction.

I'm so looking forward to fresh salsa from homegrown tomatoes and jalapenos.

**This coming weekend, I won't be playing in the dirt as much. I'm attending the Georgia Romance Writers' Annual All-Day Workshop. It'll be my first workshop as an RWA member and I'm so excited/nervous!

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