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Friday, April 10, 2015

In the Literature Section - Made for Breaking

My book club read Made for Breaking for last night's monthly meeting, and I had nervous butterflies on the drive over. I always do when I know someone is reading one of my books. I don't know if that feeling ever lessens with time; that secret worry, the last-minute reflection in which you wish you'd written scenes differently. But it was a lovely meeting and I'm thrilled to report that everyone enjoyed it.

Something we discussed - something I keep discussing with myself, with my mom - is the fact that my books are not romance novels. There was a consensus that my books would not be shelved in the New Romance section in a big box store like Barnes & Noble, but in the Fiction and Literature department. This is so thrilling to me; my favorite authors, the ones whom I aspire to be like, are all shelved among Literature. And yet, knowing this about my work has been endlessly frustrating, because it makes marketing tortuous. My books are more suited for readers who like to spend QT with the characters, and that isn't always the easiest message to convey.

Anyway, everyone liked Lisa and Drew, and talking about them gave me the little boost of mental energy I needed to get "Green Like the Water" wrapped up. It's fun to revisit the old crew. My first outlaws, before things went totally 1%er. Lisa is fun to write because she keeps things very real. And Drew is such a sweetie. It was a great meeting for lots of reasons; sometimes, I need to go back and remember why I felt driven to write a previous novel. To remember that there are truths there, and that they are still relevant.

**Made for Breaking is the first novel in the Russell Series, followed by God Love Her, and Keeping Bad Company. It's available for 99cents on Amazon.

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  1. Made For Breaking is Fantastic! I love feisty Lisa and you can't help but root for Drew. Looking forward to reading more of them. I recommend this series for all your readers.