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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teaser - "Green Like the Water"

"Green Like the Water"
Copyright © 2015 by Lauren Gilley
The very first time Lisa laid eyes on Drew Forester, he was fighting a massive man called The Monster in a slapped-together ring in an old barn. He’d been far outweighed by his opponent, and Lisa had been riveted. During her self-imposed man-ban, the sight of him that night, in that underground boxing ring, had reached through barriers and struck a match inside her. She hadn’t recognized the fire for what it was, because she’d thought she understood desire. It had taken weeks to realize she wanted him. And then to know she couldn’t live without him. But that first moment, laying eyes on him – the taut curves of muscle and bone, gleaming bare skin, the animal focus in his dark eyes. That had been the first spark. That had been her first glimpse of the beast that lived inside him.

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