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Thursday, March 19, 2015

You're Invited to a Launch Party

We are just days away from Price of Angels and I'm getting super excited; how 'bout you? Now normally, I release the book quietly, put it out there, post up the links quickly, and then go slink off and hide in a shady spot, trying to catch my breath, feeling like something hunted at the end of the long novel-writing journey. This time, I decided to celebrate. So next Wednesday, I invite all my readers, fans, friends, and stalkers (I see you out there!) to help me celebrate with an Angels launch party on my public author Facebook page.

Check out my page.

Check out the Goodreads event page.

Between 2:00pm and 11:00pm next Wednesday, stop in for trivia, BTS info, merriment and ask-the-author. Then go grab your copy of Angels! I hope you'll help me celebrate. See you there.

Questions welcome here, or on FB :)

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