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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Michael + Holly

I rehearsed and rehearsed this romance in my head before I put the first word to paper. I knew Holly, and I knew Michael, and I thought I knew how their story would unfold...But I was wrong. Oh sure, the plot stayed the plot, and all the planned scenes were hit at the planned times. But what surprised me, while writing, was the energy and the emotion between them. It was a lovely surprise; I think if it was this fun to write, it should be fun to read, too.

Though their dynamic is so very different, readers should expect the same attention to detail, emotion, and connection that plagued Ava and Mercy's story. Michael and Holly are lonely souls, and I have loved writing them. They deserve one another; they make you want happiness for them. Parts of the novel are intentionally disturbing; the sex is a little more intense than in Fearless. But I'm afraid if you're in search of a standard MC story, I've failed to deliver on that count yet again. I do so fail to do what's trendy. I hope instead you're looking for a story to invest in, and that you'll enjoy this return to Dartmoor.


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