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Monday, March 9, 2015

Music Monday - 3/9


I didn't get to this post last week, because I was totally consumed with writing. So, I'll share now what I meant to share then, a song that's playing in the current Starz promos, but is so perfect, in all aspects, for Angels.

"Angel" - Theory of a Deadman

Even if you don't normally like this band, the song is great.

I finished writing on the book this weekend, and I'm truly surprised by it, as I look back on the entire thing. It went directions I never intended. That happens sometimes; best just to let it happen and go forward.

Some other great story-inspiring tracks:

"Turn It Off (Acoustic)" - Paramore

"Dust" - Eli Young Band (except with green eyes, and less choice)

"Always" - Saliva

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