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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shifting Gears

If I was Julie Andrews, and I was singing about my favorite things, one of those things would be tree silhouettes against a sunrise. They would fit somewhere between the smell of paper and the sound of horses happily eating hay. Not so ironically, The Sound of Music would be on that list somewhere too. But, anyway...

Had an early morning spent waiting on the farrier. New shoes for the ponies; awesome. And then it was barn chores, and exercising the dog...and some days writing doesn't come until later in the afternoon, which is fine, considering I haven't ramped up to Manic-Writing-Mode yet.

Yesterday I made some really great progress on "Green Like the Water" - expect an announcement soon on that front - and broke ground on Half My Blood. It's been an interesting shift of gears to go back to the Russells for this short story; it's reminded me while I enjoy writing them. And HMB is already such fun because with no new characters, I'm able to go into unexplored territory with the characters everyone already knows. I, as usual, can't wait to share.

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