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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Launch Party

I can't believe it's almost here! Price of Angels will be available for purchase as of midnight tonight, if you want to go ahead and grab your copy. I'm going to try - key word being try, because not sure if anyone will play along - to give three copies away tomorrow during the launch party.

Speaking of...

Don't forget that you're invited! It's a totally open Facebook event, running from 2:00pm to 11:00pm tomorrow. I'll be sharing a new blog post about my rules for writing tough guys as part of my Workshop Wednesday series. There will be lots of Dartmoor visuals and book nerd tidbits running through the FB feed. Readers can ask me anything - there will be a post for this - though I do reserve the right to be vague depending on how anything anything ends up being. :)

There will be three trivia questions, with your chances to win copies of Angels:


The first person to answer the trivia question right will be the winner. Questions will be literature or media-related and the answers will be Google-searchable.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by, "bring" friends, like my FB page, drop me a line, just in general help me celebrate the release of my new book. I'm so beyond excited to share it with you! See you tomorrow.

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