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Friday, April 18, 2014


When you struggle with anxiety like I do, you learn early in life that preparation is your best friend. A lifetime of horse events helped hone that preparation to a science. A lot of thorough planning keeps me from forgetting the little details, and keeps my nervous streak in check. I like to make lists, and backup lists. And literally check them twice.

Here's how I'm getting ready for tomorrow:

- Night-before packing. That includes, tables, chairs, books, money for change, snacks, drinks, umbrellas, jackets, plastic bags for covering boxes (there's a good chance it'll be raining, which sucks, because water and cardboard boxes of books don't mix).

- Snacks: I make them the night before and pack them in my bag. Because I can never eat much in the mornings, and I need the food to hold all day, I usually go with peanut butter for protein, and a teensy bit of chocolate for a sugar pick-me-up. I take plenty of water, and a Coke. Not healthy, but it keeps the energy up, and it's what works for me. No way can I choke down egg whites and kale smoothies on a nervous stomach. Yuck.

- Inventory: I have all my books arranged by title, spines-out, for ease of grabbing. And I have an Excel inventory sheet so I can keep track of what I have, what I've sold, how many I have left. I like keeping records at stuff like this.

- What to wear: I pick out my outfit the night before, try it on, and lay it out so I don't waste time on something as stupid as clothes when I'm in a hurry the next morning. I always go with layers, to deal with any weather, and I make sure it's comfortable for sitting most of the day. No new outfits or tight dresses on a sale day. Shoes are low-heeled, comfy boots I can walk in.

- Promo material: all printed and ready.

- Little things: chapstick, gum, hair ties, hat in case of rain, paper and pen for taking down notes, email addresses, etc., nail polish for touch-ups (Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia).

I'll check back in tomorrow night. Wish me a rain-free day!

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