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Sunday, April 27, 2014


In all honesty, as much as I detest waking up at five-thirty, I like being awake at that time of the morning. I like watching the sun come up while the horses eat their breakfast. I like the way mist rolls off the neighbor's pond and sifts through the pasture like smoke. I am a morning person. Just not an alarm clock person. It's never not going to sound rude.

Yesterday's event started at eight, and, shockingly, there were people there shopping that early. I had a spot on the sidewalk, which turned out to be a perfect spot once the sun reached its zenith and the street turned tropical. Hottest day of the year, by far.

Here's my table.

And again. My brochures kept trying to blow away.

The street.

Here's a close-up of the bench you see in this photo. It was made from an old iron headboard. Gorgeous. I would have loved to have that. Out of my price range for sure.

I like in-person events like this because, in addition to selling and spreading the word, I get to watch the shopping process. What I'm coming to realize is that the cover of Made for Breaking attracts the most interest. That was the book that got picked up over and over and investigated. It's my bestseller online and now in-person, too. So that's cool.

It was a gorgeous day and good exposure for me. I still have moments when I think, "Wow, these people want to talk to me? They're interested in what I'm doing?" It's humbling and exciting and a little scary all at once.

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