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Friday, April 11, 2014

Nerd Things 4/11

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Listening To: "Air Balloon" by Lily Allen. Given that yesterday was National Siblings Day, want to acknowledge Lily's brother, Alfie, who plays Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones. Talented siblings, these.
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Watching: Season 1 of Being Human UK. Loving it. Just what I needed - another show to love that no one in the immediate area has ever heard of, let alone seen. I do this to myself over and over.
Before this gets too British, let's go local:
In Print: Seeing my name in print is always a little surreal. It's just my name: that thing I printed across my schoolwork, the words on a roll call sheet, what the nurse calls out when the doctor's ready to see me. It's not snazzy or clever and it's not a pen name. Considering I didn't exist on the internet until 2012, I still blink and cock my head when I see my name on one of my covers, or on a website, or a Tweet.
The very kind and encouraging ladies from book club helped me run an article in the paper. It serves double duty as a "meet the author" and an invite to my signing on the nineteenth. I'm starting to worry I didn't order enough books for this event! (I'll talk more about the signing next week) A big thank you to the gals for this article.
The text:
Paulding author Lauren Gilley is thrilled to have the chance to share her work with local readers. She joined book club Grace, Grits & Gossip at Lyn Swenson’s Dallas shop, Art Things, for a discussion on her debut novel Keep You last week. The club meets the second Thursday of every month to discuss a new novel, and Lauren was delighted to be the March pick. “The face-to-face feedback was wonderful,” Lauren said. “As an author, I’m happiest when I’m sharing my love for storytelling. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier group than Grace, Grits & Gossip. They made me feel so welcome. It was beyond rewarding to hear the ways in which the readers identified with the characters, and to learn that some of their favorite elements of the novel are also my favorites.” Lauren, a Kennesaw State University graduate, is part of the ever-expanding “indie” author movement. “For me, it’s all about writing the sorts of books I like to read, and telling the stories of everyday people,” she said. “My parents helped me discover the gift of literature when I was a little girl, and I relish the idea of passing that gift along as an artist.” Lauren writes contemporary family dramas, with an emphasis on character. She’s the author of eight novels and one short story collection, including the Walker Series – Keep You, Dream of You, Better Than You, Fix You, Rosewood – mystery, Whatever Remains, and her ongoing Russell Series – Made for Breaking, and God Love Her. Her books can be found in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble online. She blogs at, and loves to hear from readers. Available for book clubs and signings.


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