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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Scott Antique Market

This little guy just happened to catch my eye two Saturdays ago at the Scott Antique Market. Isn't it cute? There were trays upon trays of enough shiny things to blind you, and I just stumbled across this little hair pin in the ten dollar pile. It was my first trip to Scott and the word of the day was: overwhelming.

The second weekend of every month, the Scott Antique Market takes over the Atlanta Expo Center. It fills two buildings, and a parking lot and a half. It is massive. From junk bits of metal stripped from old houses, to one-of-a-kind pieces too expensive to breathe on, it's an assortment of any and everything.

See what I spend my spare time doing? I never wonder why I'm single. Reason #423: I like antique furniture.

I didn't take any pictures of the outdoor area; it was too hot and miserable. But the

I love this blue settee. Very Delta's-Ireland-wedding

The old books were beautiful. All leather bound. All of them waaaaay out of my price range.
Lots of pretty iron work.
Joey's greyhound, in black.
And check out that lady's hair back behind it.
I loved this little horse statue, because it looked so much like Cosmo. But the seller wanted $275 for it. Nope!
So many rugs.
So much silver.
Very old stirrups. When I see old tack, I always wonder how someone managed to ride a horse with it.
I just love browsing, even if I can't buy. Taking mental scans for writing purposes.

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