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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I felt puny this past weekend, so it was a good chance to catch up with my reading list. I finished The Endearment.

It's not for everyone - certainly not readers my age looking for erotica. But Lavyrle Spencer is a talented storyteller with a flair for description who really does her research. Her historicals feel so real, so plausible, and are full to bursting with sensory detail. I've read her Morning Glory too, and both novels are very, very sweet. Her characters are middle-class to poor, with little money, making do in hard times, the emotions shining through. I really like her writing and, for me, her novels are a nice break from jaded contemporary fiction. Most of her works are no longer in circulation, but The Endearment was at Barnes & Noble.
Now I'm starting on The Name of the Wind - a complete change of pace.

From sweet historical romance to fantasy. I don't read a whole lot of fantasy. I love Tolkien's work so much - and now George R.R. Martin's - that I'm always leery about other series. My uncle loaned this to me (and my brother) and I'm finally getting to it. I'm only fifty pages in, but my interest is good and snared. I'm looking forward to the next 600 pages or so. I like the way Rothfuss writes, and that is an absolute must for me. A talented writer can convince me of almost anything.

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